So-called Flushable Wipes & other products are not breaking down


There is no let down in sight of this persistent problem – “Flushable” Wipes. Here at JWC Environmental, we thrive to provide you with as much information on the incessant issues facing our water in America today and the forecast to come by staying up to date on the matter. The photo above look familiar?

Here’s a recent article we discovered interviewing Cynthia Finley of NACWA on this problem to which the photo is credited:

Flushable Wipes and Sewer Problems

Different pumps will react differently based on the way they operate, their age, and the volume of material being handled, says Finley. “Wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are so variable throughout the country and there are many different types of conditions you can encounter,” she adds.

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Our Solution? The Muffin Monster fitted with our latest Wipes Ready Technology. The Muffin Monster and pumps have been working hand in hand for decades to improve wastewater treatment efficiency globally.

Ask one of our Muffin Monster Experts, how we can upgrade your system and be rid of the “Wipes Problem” once and for all.

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