Water Conservation Causing Unprecedented Clogs in the Pipes


Hugo Gonzalez, a Leucadia Wastewater District technician, prepares a camera to search for roots in a Carlsbad, Calif., sewer line. Without normal levels of outdoor irrigation, tree roots in search of water have invaded sewer pipes and grown there over time. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

With California experiencing severe drought, Californians are on high alert for water conservation and have been diligent in efforts to slash water usage. However, in this LA Times article by Matt Stevens, he explains how water conservation is creating another issue in the sewage systems.

With less flow to flush the solids down the system, those solids are collecting and can eventually damage pipes. If flows go lower, stuff (including the wipes) could stop moving in some lines….

By lowering water usage, chances of solids getting clogged in smaller pipes are higher and it is causing extra maintenance and expenses for the city.

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