Nonwovens industry scrambling to comply with regulations fearing lawyers may start pointing fingers for damages


Lawsuits are piling up and INDA (the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics) is beginning to worry.

Backstory: INDA has received 15 lawsuits so far for having a hand in some detrimental sewer problems from flushable wipes. Two of the lawsuits have already been settled and ended without a monetary loss to the Association. As of now, it cannot be proven that wipes in compliance with flushability regulations are solely to blame. However, 93% of the wipes tonnage used today is not marketed as flushable – and this is what makes INDA worry will get them into hot water.

So, as INDA hits the drawing board to come up with more flushability regulations for its industry to follow, lawyers are just getting warmed up.

“We are working with these manufacturers, converters and brand owners because there are increased risks if they don’t label their products under our Code of Practice,” he says. “The entire wipes industry needs to pay attention to this.” – Dave Rousse, President of INDA

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